Core Attributes Edit

  • Weapon Damage: The amount of damage your weapon deals
  • Attack Power (AP): Power of which you hit the enemy. 1 AP = 0.5 damage
  • Total Damage: Total damage output including Damage Gain and buffs
  • Total Health: Your total health including Health Gain and buffs
  • Damage Gain: % damage increase
  • Health Gain: % health increase


Offensive Attributes Edit

  • Haste: % Attack Speed bonus
  • Critical Hit Chance: Chance to hit enemy for 150% + Critical Hit Damage bonus
  • Critical Hit Damage: Damage bonus added to 150% damage bonus from Critical Hit Chance


Defensive Attributes Edit

  • Steel-Plated: Armor that mitigates a percentage of damage dealt (Earlier Steel-Plated was called Bulwark and Reinforced Armor)
  • Spiked Armor: Returns a percentage of the damage done to you back to the enemy
  • Leech: A percentage of your Weapon Damage is returned to you as health
  • Dodge: Change of evading enemy attack


Utility Attributes Edit

  • Experience Gain: Experience bonus from kills and quests
  • Gold Find: Chance of doubling gold from gold drops
  • Bargain: Reduced merchant price
  • Harvest Master: Chance of doubling Alchemy materials from drops (Not yet in game)
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