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Battleslain: Goblins is a retro pixel role-playing game with classic itemization progression and modern idle/ incremental features. 

Inspired by games like "Eye of the Beholder" (1993), Battleslain is played in first person. However you will not get lost in endless mazes as enemies approach you where you stand. 



10.000 years after Ragnarok a new world obliterating threat gloom. You, being a Battleslain viking, travel to Midgaard (earth) from Valhal to investigate and slay goblins - endless waves of goblins. However on your way to Midgaard you're tricked by the sorcery of an old woman who leaves you without your gear. Alone in the rain you suddenly hear the luster tune of music. A camp site - your new base of operations. 



▶Character Creation

  • Select male or female. Choose hair, tattoos, beard, skin color, makeup and more
  • More than 10k unique combinations

▶ Crafting

  • Craft powerful potions, flasks and poisons from various materials and magic components

▶World Scaling & Ascension

  • The world scales to your level. However enemies grow exponentially stronger and more resilient
  • Ascend to increase your powers permanently
  • Place points in 4 categories to match your play style

▶ Quests

  • Recover rare and epic quests and rewards
  • Get rewarded with gear, gemstones and crafting materials
  • Non-linear quest system. Choose what quests to do

▶ Talent

  • Level up to unlock new talents
  • Choose the talents that suits your playstyle
  • Upgrade talents using points from slaying Veterans

▶ Enter Veteran Brawls (level 7)

  • Obtain rare and epic loot, point, gold and more
  • Veterans increase their power every time they are killed

▶ Merchant

  • Buy BEER, crafting materials and potions to aid your journey

▶ Offline Gold

  • Your camp will earn you gold when you’re not playing


This is not a pay-to-win game. You will however be able to purchase quality-of-life services: More bag space, speed up and the like.

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