Business Model Edit

Battleslain: Goblins is a Free-To-Play game with premium Quality-Of-Life (QOL) upgrades and non-forced commercials.

  • It's NOT a pay-to-win game
  • Commercials are NOT forced. They are optional and will provide beneficial buffs or double offline gold

Quality-of-Life Upgrades Edit

The game do offer Quality-of-Life upgrades such as extra bag space and instant crafting. However these are optional and the game is playable without them. Upgrades are purchasable with the premium currency "Diamonds".

List of upgrades and boosts Edit

  • 10 extra bag space
  • 1 extra Talent page
  • Refund Talent points
  • Refund Ascension points
  • Instantly reset veteran rank to 1 (resets every 24 hours)
  • Instantly discover and respawn all quests
  • Speed up crafting: Instantly finishes the craft
  • Instantly discover new zone

How to earn Diamonds? Edit

Diamonds can be earned from two activities:

  1. Defeating veterans. A total of 7 diamonds can be earned daily. 3 diamonds from the first veteran you defeat. 1 diamond from the next 4 veterans
  2. Actively playing the game earns you diamonds. About 1 diamond every 20 minutes

How to buy Diamonds Edit

Diamonds can be bought at any time from Dwarf Miner. Enter the Dwarfs mining domain by tapping the green plus in the top resource bar. The price range is $1.19 - $73.99

Benefits from watching ads Edit

The game offers 2 ways of gaining benefits from watching ads:

  1. Double offline gains
  • When you return to the game you get an  to double your offline gains.
  1. Favor of the Nine Mothers
  • 50% experience gain for 6 hours (stacks 3 times)
  • 25% price reduction at merchant gold price for 6 hours (stacks 3 times)

Ways to support the devs Edit

  • Buy diamonds (even a handful of diamonds counts)
  • Watch commercials
  • Maybe a buy merchandise option

Why support the game? Edit

If you like the game and want more. Consider supporting the game.

Other ways to support the game Edit

  • Join discord. Follow the game and maybe become a trusted tester
  • Provide detailed feedback by mail: tr at
  • Spread the word. Retweet and share
  • Be a Viking - Drink more beer and shout SKÅL a lot!

Future possible business models: 1-Time-Pay to remove commercials Edit

A clever member at /r/incremental_games suggested a 1-Time-Pay option to remove the ads and provide eternal buffs. This model is being looked at by the game devs. Reference

The subscription model was NOT recommended by players at Reddit and will most likely NOT be implementet.

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